Sunday, April 15, 2007

Authors In Your Pocket Show 04/15/07 Marguerite O’Connor, Griefstruck: When a Death Changes Your Life

Featuring Marguerite O’Connor the co-author of Griefstruck: When a Death Changes Your Life, a Funeral Director focusing on Advance Funeral Planning, and the founder of Grieforum, LLC. When a person experiences a significant loss, their world can be turned upside down... Nothing feels right or seems normal... In Griefstruck , the authors blend their extraordinary experiences in counseling, bereavement education and funeral service to coach readers as they heal and transform their grief. With practical tips, thought-provoking journaling and inspirational stories, the help the reader explore critical relationships to loss, self, family and others. In the midst of mourning, there is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery...

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Blogger Sam @ said...

I will check out this book. I run a site ( that helps people plan funerals as well as allows them to find comfort in community forums. My observation has been that when I try to "help" these grieving people, the less cathartic one's experience is. I've seen some heartbreaking exchanges where people talk about their despair and yet, they keep coming back to share their own grief as well as help new visitors.

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